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Why Spotify Playlists are so important

Do you remember that salesman from the record store you consulted to get your musical advice? Or maybe you asked your older sister. Well, in both cases, the playlists with all the musical genres you can imagine are introducing listeners to new artists, with their billions of songs.

But probably more important than the way listeners are discovering music is the way they are listening to it. Listeners now rely on large and small playlists to guide their unique listening experiences. Why?

Put yourself in the shoes of a non-musician for a second. Unless you are particularly interested in discovering and listening to new and interesting music, you will most likely not have the time or patience to search for hours for music to find songs that are suited to your tastes. Finding yourself instead in a multitude of new carefully prepared playlists, designed specifically to convey a series of moods that satisfy a wide variety of fans of different music genres.

Do you like indie rap? There are tens of thousands of playlists out there for you. Are you looking for electronic jazz / rock fusion music? Actually, I have no idea if that playlist exists or not, but you'll understand what we're saying.

Involving new and old listeners in this relatively new field is becoming increasingly important for career musicians, and they are not just words.

Let's look at the data together:

On average, the 4,500 Spotify curated playlists generate over a billion streams a week. Their Discover Weekly function has connected over 40 million music listeners to around 5 billion new songs. Whether you like it or not, Spotify is doing something enormously important for new artists, and figuring out how to highlight your music on Spotify is extraordinarily important, be it a private playlist or an official Spotify playlist, like the viral.

I released a single recently and was surprised to learn that a guy with a playlist I had never heard of had shared my new song on a Spotify playlist with over 10,000 followers. My output worked quite well then on Spotify, thanks to the help of that playlist.

Creating music regularly you will sometimes be lucky and you will see your songs in playlists of adequate size, but contacting the curators of the playlists and asking for your songs to be taken into consideration is vital if you have just started and you are new to music promotion.