Spotify Signs Artists Directly

Spotify Signs Artists Directly

Spotify doesn't stop anymore and it's not enough to be the most popular streaming platform in the world, but now it wants even more?

For some time now there has been a new function, currently available only for independent artists based in the United States, which allows them to upload songs and albums directly without going through a single label or distribution group and automatically receiving the rights to author payments in their bank accounts.

The feature, currently available by invitation, is a major update of the streaming company Spotify for Artists program, through which registered artists can manage their pages and view listeners' engagement statistics.

"The artists told us that releasing their music on Spotify can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking, so we wanted to give maximum transparency to the process," said Spotify, the senior product leader of the marketplace team. "The new features we've created really talk about ease and flexibility. We're working with independent artists and their teams to own their copyrights and distribute their content."

This new feature will almost certainly make artists indie happy and at the same time making "traditional" discography nervous

While Spotify insisted on his lack of interest in becoming a record label (as CEO Daniel Ek openly reiterated last July "we don't act like a record label"), the streaming company took a series of steps to close the gap between himself and the artists, as silent direct agreements with musicians and management companies, as reported by the New York Times months ago. Now, with an automatic upload function, Spotify is further downsizing the traditional role of label mediator and gives some artists more control and transparency over their work (and money earned from it because they don't have to share copyright with others parts) of what a label can provide. But, of course, choosing to follow this path as an emerging artist still means giving up the vast resources and support of a label - which could be an excessive risk for most of them.