Playlist Premium

Do you want to be placed in a Premium playlist? We collaborate with the best independent playlist curators who manage a selection of private playlists on which you can insert your song. Placements generally last a month and are an excellent promotion to make your new single discover a growing number of people. The playlists are genre based so you will be offered to the specific curators of the genre of your song. We cannot guarantee the positioning in a specific Premium Playlist because it depends on the curators to accept an application or not. Our job is to find the most suitable Premium Playlists for your piece and have them published by the editors.

These are the characteristics of the Premium playlists of the curators of our network:
- Premium Playlists must be updated and edited on a daily basis
- In the Premium Playlists there cannot be low-quality songs
- The curators must be available every day for the evaluation of the pieces proposed
- Premium Playlists are genre and have at least 7000 Italian followers
- A placement lasts 1 month. The song will be included in the top 5 and as more songs are added it will go down naturally.

Being present in Editorial Playlists supports the image of your profile and gives you many points to enter the official playlists of your service.
Choose the genre of the song you want to promote and the number of playlists and ask us for information with the form below.


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