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How many tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day?

It's one of the most cited statistics in the modern music industry: just over a year ago, Spotify confirmed that it was loading around 20,000 tracks a day.

The new data, recently announced by the founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has raised the eyebrow even more, as now "almost 40,000" tracks are loaded daily on Spotify.

This, there is no need to emphasize it, is a huge amount of music!

Let's do a quick calculation: forty thousand songs a day are equivalent to 280,000 songs a week or about 1.2 million songs a month for a total of 14.6 million tracks in a year!

Therefore, at the current rate, every three and a half years, Spotify will add over 50 million songs to its catalog.

Now, suppose the average length of these tracks is three minutes; a fair and timely hypothesis for the average length of a modern pop song.

Forty thousand three-minute tracks are equivalent to 2000 hours of music. Two thousand hours !!!

In other words, Spotify ingests so much music every day that it would take at least 83 days, without sleep, to listen to everything.


Daniel Ek also confirmed today that "the number of creators who are directly engaging with the Spotify platform continues to grow, increasing to over 3.9 million" in the first three months of 2019.

This is a way of saying that 3.9 million artists (and podcasters) are now present in the huge Spotify catalog.

In truth the words of EK have contributed to throwing into disarray the independent artists who are now in a panic as with this quantity of songs, it is practically impossible to be found.

Every time a song is searched, it's like looking for a drop in the ocean ... easy right?


This is why it is essential to use all the possible tools to highlight yourself so that you can be found in the largest musical ocean on the net!