The Importance of Increasing Your Spotify Follower

The Importance of Increasing Your Spotify Follower

If you are an artist on Spotify, it is essential that you know how important it is to increase your followers. Your followers can help you monitor your progress and increase your chances of getting exclusive playlists. Not only that, they work like your mailing list. Spotify sends your followers automatic updates whenever you release a new single or plan a concert in their area. With all this potential to grow your fan base and increase show participation, we recommend using any opportunity to get Spotify followers.

Here are some effective ways to help you turn your fans into Spotify followers.

Connection to Spotify

This may seem obvious, but wherever you have a digital presence you need to link your artist profile to Spotify. Links to your Spotify artist profile can be for example on your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), in social media biographies, in e-mail signatures or on your website. On your website you can include a Spotify player with your best tracks and, even better, you can embed a Spotify Follow button on the page to make it even easier to follow your profile.

Artist Pick

Your chosen artist appears at the top of your Spotify profile and can be any song, album or playlist (yours or anything else) you want to highlight. This is the first thing listeners will see when they see your profile, so put your best face! The content that highlights here may be the key to capturing new followers. Highlight the latest release or what you think is best for capturing attention. Or try entering a personal playlist of your influences or your favorite songs. This can give users one more reason to follow you.

Join the music bloggers

Music blogs are one of the best ways for people to find and discover new artists. There are thousands of potential fans out there looking for artists like you, they just don't know who you are yet. Why not stage your work somewhere where people go to find new music every day? Search for blogs that promote your genre or other artists at your level and insert them into your music.


When you collaborate with other artists, put your music directly in touch with a new fan base. Contact other artists to explore collaboration opportunities or if they are available to remix your music or vice versa. Take a step forward and try to work with someone outside of your gender. These can grow and diversify your following further.