Music Strategy

How to build a great Music Strategy

Do you want your music to have more streams on Spotify and to be included in the biggest playlists? In this post we describe our entire Spotify marketing strategy which helps our artists to appear in all the great playlists such as: Mint, Today's Top Hits, New Music Friday and many others.
We will show you how to:

  • Get links to Spotify and market your music
  • Interpret the data of Spotify for Artist
  • How to get into the great Spotify playlists
  • The fundamentals of Spotify Marketing

Spotify made its debut on the music streaming market in the late 2000s and has since exploded with over 70 million paying subscribers per month and over 150 million subscribers in total. These impressive numbers are reflected in its market share of over 43% of the total wave music streaming market as of the end of 2016.
We're sure you're already familiar with Spotify and are anxious to decipher the complicated playlist system that drives most of Spotify's music consumption on the platform.
The first step is to realize that Spotify is a technological company, not a music company, so we do not have to evaluate it as if it were a conventional music service.
Spotify regularly collects and analyzes data as the main tool to program and manage the "best" playlists possible, even those driven by algorithms.
Luckily for the artists, Spotify did a great job of making sure all the artists could access the information on their music via Spotify for Artists.
Formerly known as Spotify Fan Insights, the revamped Spotify for Artists platform now includes a wider range of features.
Registering is easy and works in tandem with artist verification. Previously, artist verification required 250 followers on your profile after a long sign-up process.
Now, it's a little simpler: you do not need to have followers anymore, and all you need to do is check out Spotify for Artists and log in to your artist dashboard.
The first thing you'll see when you log in to your dashboard is a panel with two distinctive categories: "statistics" and "tools".
The tools you have access to work to ensure that the artist's page is in perfect shape allowing you to:

  • Pin things up on your profile (new releases, playlists, etc.) with a personalized image
  • Choose the playlists displayed at the bottom of the artist page
  • Change the image of the Spotify header

Spotify has recently started allowing users to update their artist bios via the "tools" function, so be sure to do so already if Spotify has not automatically extracted it from one of its sources like Rovi or Allmusic.
The analysis section is certainly of great interest. Let's start with the concerts.
Here you will have the opportunity to add shows and concerts when you're out and ready for the tour! The back end integrates seamlessly with Songkick to make sure that the gigs you've added to your artist profile are shown correctly here. If something does not appear, you can manually click on the gear icon on the right to add content.
Fans can browse local concerts on their search page and read the details of events imported from Songkick directly from the platform.
Spotify will automatically recommend concerts on your search page based on your listening habits.
Spotify also shows the number of local "listeners" and local "followers" in each location to give you an idea of ​​who is listening to "listeners" referring to the unique number of people who streamed one of your records in the month while "follower" "refers to the number of" followers "you have on Spotify that you can find in the" Information "section.
Here below we see three other interesting analyzes: audience, tracks and playlists.
The audience shows the demographic distribution of who or what listens to your music. You can see how many people listen to your music at any time and update in real time.
A new feature that Spotify has recently added to the "public" tab was the tracker at the bottom of the chart indicating where you've been added to a Spotify playlist, a useful tool to explain any increases in monthly listeners.
A very useful feature is shown in the playlist section below (different from the "playlist" tab on the main tab) that tells you in which playlists your song is receiving the highest number of streams.
The "Playlist" tab tells you in which playlists your records are performing with three views: "custom", "editorial" and "listener". These are generated respectively by an algorithm, the Spotify editorial team and user generated playlists.