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Who are really the curators of the Spotify playlists: Let's know them better

If you are looking for how to best promote your latest release on Spotify you know that it is essential to get into as many playlists as possible to get the right visibility for your song.

But who are really the curators of the Spotify playlists, who really hides behind a name, a photo, a nickname, a profile?

Get to know them better!

As officially declared by Spotify, on the platform there are over 2 billion (yes you read that, billions!) Of playlists, if the users are around 200 million, the calculation is simple, we talk about an average of 10 playlists per user. But obviously the curators are not the average, the curators are considered super users (a technical term much loved in Silicon Valley), but it's easy to find out why.

The editors are Spotify users, but unlike the average (average user), they are more active in research and content creation, they like to actively contribute to the creation of multiple playlists and by doing this they are able to capture a good number of followers.

With this kind of editorial activity, they are recognized by other users as trend setters, and by offering a selection of songs they can influence the musical choices of their followers.

The curators are generally divided into three types:

1) Single genre curator (single genre): he is a lover and connoisseur of a single genre, he has one or more playlists that he updates weekly with all the latest releases, both local and international. He has a loyal public, a lover of that specific genre and is usually followed by other curators who take up part of the playlists. Being part of this playlist is essential to gain visibility among the professionals and credibility in their genre.

2) Contemporary anthological curator: he is a curator who generally loves all music, with few exceptions, he loves to be always updated (on the piece) is the equivalent on Spotify of the radio format TOP40. It is essential to enter such playlists to expand the audience by interacting with a mainstream audience.

3) Thematic curator: If you are a fitness lover you already know the subject, and you are probably already a follower of one of the most important curators. In a Zumba Playlist, for example, you can find an EDM track by Steve Aoki, like a latin / urban by Jay Balvin passing for an Electro or Hip Hop song. The theme of the playlist may be the mood: Love / Romantic, may be the moment: Sunset / Beach, the location: Ibiza, or as already mentioned, the type of activity: Fitness, Sport, Yoga.

The inclusion of a song in one of these playlists is important to go to hit a specific type of target regardless of geographic location or age.