Who are really the curators of the Spotify playlists: Let's know them better

If you are looking for how to best promote your latest release on Spotify you know that it is essential to get into as many playlists as possible to get the right visibility for your song.

But who are really the curators of the Spotify playlists, who really hides behind a name, a photo, a nickname, a profile?

Get to know them better!

Why Spotify Playlists are so important

Do you remember that salesman from the record store you consulted to get your musical advice? Or maybe you asked your older sister. Well, in both cases, the playlists with all the musical genres you can imagine are introducing listeners to new artists, with their billions of songs.

But probably more important than the way listeners are discovering music is the way they are listening to it. Listeners now rely on large and small playlists to guide their unique listening experiences. Why?

The Music Market Resumption

The crisis in the music industry now seems to be a distant memory.
In the last four years, revenues have registered a positive sign, confirmed also in 2017. Last year the global turnover reached 17.3 billion dollars (IFPI Global Music Report 2018 data), another step forward compared to the 16 billion of 2016 and, above all, a figure that had not been exceeded for exactly ten years.

Spotify: how much do artists really cash in?

Spotify pays about 70% of its earnings in rights paid to record companies, which equates to an average for each artist, ranging from $ 0.006 to $ 0.0084 per audience. These are some of the data that the famous music streaming service has provided with a dedicated website. It's called The Spotify Artists and is aimed at musicians, who are told about the revenue from the publication of their songs on the music platform of the moment.

Spotify Vs Radio

"The radio belongs to the past - it's not that relevant anymore," said Austin Kramer, Spotify's head of dance & electronic music, during a panel of playlists at the Electronic Week in Paris.
"We are able to get information about the tracks 24 hours after they are included in the playlists. The radio is not able to do so."
The former SiriusXM collaborator added: "The radios, it's sad to say, look at Spotify to decide their schedules.

The Importance of Increasing Your Spotify Follower

If you are an artist on Spotify, it is essential that you know how important it is to increase your followers. Your followers can help you monitor your progress and increase your chances of getting exclusive playlists. Not only that, they work like your mailing list. Spotify sends your followers automatic updates whenever you release a new single or plan a concert in their area. With all this potential to grow your fan base and increase show participation, we recommend using any opportunity to get Spotify followers.

Spotify Signs Artists Directly

Spotify doesn't stop anymore and it's not enough to be the most popular streaming platform in the world, but now it wants even more?

For some time now there has been a new function, currently available only for independent artists based in the United States, which allows them to upload songs and albums directly without going through a single label or distribution group and automatically receiving the rights to author payments in their bank accounts.

Build your Artist Profile

Building your profile on Spotify for Artist is fundamental: it allows you to check in real time the number of plays you are doing on Spotify, the city of origin, the number of playlists where your tracks are present, how many plays they are generating and the number of your monthly listeners, which is a very important indicator of an artist's success.


How many tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day?

It's one of the most cited statistics in the modern music industry: just over a year ago, Spotify confirmed that it was loading around 20,000 tracks a day.

The new data, recently announced by the founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has raised the eyebrow even more, as now "almost 40,000" tracks are loaded daily on Spotify.

This, there is no need to emphasize it, is a huge amount of music!

Let's do a quick calculation: forty thousand songs a day are equivalent to 280,000 songs a week or about 1.2 million songs a month for a total of 14.6 million tracks in a year!

What a stream is and how it is calculated

A stream is when someone listens to your song or music video via a streaming music service application, but does not own or permanently download the content. Some digital services allow users to listen to music as part of a subscription model, paying a monthly fee for access. Some subscription models allow customers to listen to streaming music whenever they want while they are connected to the Internet. The ability to listen to any music that the user wants at any time is referred to as interactive streaming.