Is the Spotify Royalties for Artists an increasing number?

With the increase in revenue from Spotify, per-stream artists and revenue gains are going down. And here's the data to prove it.
Two years ago, in a round of financing, investors rated Spotify for $ 8 billion. In the last round, investors pushed that number above $ 13 billion. It seems a serious growth. However, investors can not ignore a glaring fact: after ten years, the company has not yet made profits.

Have you already registered into Spotify for Artist?

Those who have tried to publish music in recent years are well aware of the difference between "simply online" music and the one selected in the notorious editorial playlists, which bring incredible visibility to new projects, immediately visible on tens of thousands of plays. In the economic situation that music is going through now, being or not being in an editorial playlist of Spotify can really be a decisive discrimine.